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Golf Club Alpino di Stresa
 9 holes, 5,397 m, Par 69 - s.s.s. 68
The Alpine Golf Club, designed in 1925 by the architect. Peter Gannon on a natural green terrace located 700 m., Is located in one of the most characteristic areas of Lake Maggiore. The management was entrusted to the expert hands of Maestro Francesco Pasquali, who was also the winner of the 1925 and 1926 editions of the Italian Open (the Alpine Golf Club had the honor of hosting). The Master Pasquali continued his work for fifty years finally yielding the position to his son James, also a teacher. To date, the track does not differ from the original design except for changes necessitated by the demands of an ever-expanding circle.

Golf Club Des Iles Borromees
18 holes, 6,122 m, Par 72 - s.s.s. 72
In an enchanting landscape on a plateau at 600 m. altitude in the countryside, you develop the Golf des Iles Borrom�es. From his hole course enjoys an exceptional view with the mountains of the Simplon and Great Valley, and the tee of hole 18, on clear days you can see with the naked eye the skyline of skyscrapers in Milan and four lakes, Maggiore, Varese, Monate and Comabbio, plus all the Alps of the Canton of Ticino. But it is the natural flora that is fascinating. The birches follow the player all the way. Pine, fir and larch mixed with oaks, holm oaks and chestnut trees, remind us of the height and being already in the Alpine foothills. There are even thuie the Mikado that welcome players at hole 12. The des Iles is a field open all year except January. In summer the temperatures do not exceed 28 degrees (July-August) and it is always windy. In winter the sun warms the exposed holes in almost all south.

Golf Club Bogogno
36 holes, 12,490 m, Par 72
American Robert von Hagge designed daII'architetto scrupulously respecting the territory, the Circle GoIf Bogogno spread over two courses of 18 holes, par 72, championship and combines the technical qualities of a high-level field with the spectacular beauty of the place: 220 acres of unspoiled forests, lakes and streams, the majestic view of Mount Rosa, which sets the scene, the mild climate. Centrally located with respect to the two paths lies the clubhouse with a large putting green and in the immediate vicinity, the driving range and a double hitter "approach area". For the Club House were adopted architectural lines elegant and discreet, faithful to those of country houses in the area. The 150 units are divided into three distinct zones with individual villas from 120 to 280 square meters and houses aggregated up to 100 square meters, all with private garden, garage and panoramic views. The Golf Academy follows Bogogno I'attivit� training for beginners and experienced players and particular attention is paid to young people who are organized for group lessons..

Golf Club Castelconturbia
27 holes, 9,456 m, Par 36 - s.s.s. 73
This beautiful golf course, among the most beautiful in Europe, was designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. in the heart of a grove of trees surrounded by high mountains. With its gently rolling terrain, and its small lakes, Castelconturbia seduces, in addition to the spectacular natural environment in which it is located, also for its technical wisely measured by the famous architect. There are three courses - Red, Yellow and Blue - and all are equally interesting. The different degree of difficulty depends, in fact, from the tee so as to leave a good chance for players with high handicap. The fact that the Italian Open in 1998 (as was that of 1991) repliest against you on this path will allow golfers to play on a highly competitive sport. The club is equipped with every comfort and all facilities are within a few tens of meters from the departures of routes: parking, club house with its services, guest house with excellent restaurant and pool. The driving range and two putting greens are located directly behind the caddy-master.

Golf Club Piandisole
9 holes, 5,023 m, Par 68 - s.s.s. 67
History of Golf Club Piandisole begins in the summer of 1962 when a group of friends, all of vacationers from the nearby village of Premeno, decided to build a golf course. Two years later there are the first nine holes, all par three. Meanwhile, plans continue to improve the structure, first of all to the club house (which still exists today) opened in 1966. Ten years later the field will be transformed into a nine hole regulation course. Today, the Golf Club Piandisole, besides the beauty of the place where it is - on the outskirts of Val Grande, the largest wilderness area in the Alps and Italy - with beautiful passages, on one side of Lake Maggiore, and on the other 9 Four of the Monte Rosa and Mischabel, boasts a rich racing calendar of important events at the national level.

  Golf Club Le Robinie
18 holes, 6,520 m, Par 72 - s.s.s. 74
When, in the early 90s and between Olgiate Milan, Lombardy, Jack Nicklaus found himself in front of the flat for about seventy acres to the golf course "The Robinie" had no doubts about what was done: dig, dig, dig. Thus was born the masterpiece of depressions, amphitheatres, terraces, bunkers and lakes, which brings the unmistakable imprint of '"Golden Bear". A hundred golf courses carry the same signature but only one in Italy, this: a field already considered among the best in Europe. Nicklaus, meticulous and obsessed, as amended and corrected many of the 18 holes to obtain his goal, a challenging course, not "punitive", where you can play all the levels (there are five tees for each hole) and where everyone, from novice to professional, can enjoy.

Golf & Sporting Club Verbania
The Golf, designed to'' Inside the new province of Verbania, district high value for tourism and environmental regulation consists of 9 holes Par 68 and Par 27 9 hole Executive at its level,'' on the shores of lovely Lake Mergozzo and against the backdrop of the Alps mark its picturesque natural surroundings.
The easy accessibility from the nearby city of Milan and Switzerland, together with its location inside'' to a large golf environment, make it a recommended destination for many fans who can match the practice of their sport interesting excursions in the charming resorts adjacent valleys Ossola and Lake Maggiore.